Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pepsi and Cheesecake

 We really didnt have the funds to go out for dinner so I cooked for our anniversary. 
I was super excited to find Pepsi in glass bottles! Its something you rarely see anymore.

 Recently I mentioned how when we were dating (over 24 years ago) we were always seen with a Pepsi in our hands. Back then they were only sold in tall glass bottles. 
We often talk about how we miss the taste of cold Pepsi in glass bottles. It gets colder and that makes it taste better. Recently I found some Pepsis in glass bottles and had to buy them for our anniversary.
 Our dessert had to be cheesecake. You see, when we were just beginning to see each other 27 years ago, we were at Shoneys Restaurant with a group from church eating dessert. He said to me, "If you learn to make cheesecake Ill marry you" and so began the quest for me to learn to make cheesecake! 

I did make cheese cake for him and he married me. 
We should have had cheesecake at our wedding instead of wedding cake. If we ever renew our vows, we will have cheesecake! On our wedding day we did, however, stop and buy us a Pepsi in a tall glass bottle.
We have been married 24 years now.
On the 29th of this month it will be the anniversary of our first date (27 years ago)

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