Monday, March 30, 2015

Im back!

Im wondering if I have any readers who will find me on this blog again? If you are there, let me know! I had been thinking about blogging again but then my computer crashed. I recently got another one and have a lot going on in life and in my little brain and writing often helps me. So here I am, Im back!

For 22 years now I have lived my life for my kids. I have spent every hour and moment on them and many times have overlooked myself. I think its time to put a little effort on "me" I have gained so much weight and I feel terrible physically and emotionally. Im self conscious and over all, just dont like what I look like and how I feel. A few months back I started using MyfitnessPal. Its a great app if you stick with it! it helps you see the amount of sugar, sodium etc.. you are consuming and tells you when you consume too much. I lost a few pounds and then Valentines rolled around and there was junk food everywhere and that was that.

I hit a point today that something must be done. I feel terrible, when I gain weight my asthma kicks in. I cant breathe well, acid reflux is in full swing day and night, and Im tired all the time. I hate this!
Once again I will start working on losing weight but Im also checking in to gastric surgery. I know there are a lot of different versions out there but for now Im gathering information and Im going to visit a specialist and talk to them about me and if its right for me.

I am at my all time weight high and an emotional low.

Here goes nothing!

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