Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Making Time for Family

We are so very busy (and so very tired) but we are making time for family by having a family dinner once a month. I was overjoyed that my son and daughter-in-law drove a few hours to come visit for the weekend. My daughter and her boyfriend and his daughter . 
(unfortunately we are missing one important person)
 but it was awesome to have
 this many with us. 
 My son brought his bike for us to see and ride.
 My Firefighter missed out on the rides, so she took a little "pretend" ride after it was loaded on the truck!
I love my children and pray that I never take them for granted. One this is for sure, I know how blessed we are that this handsome man is here with us. They complain because I take so many photos but I want to document all our memories. I love these kids so much and all the new family members just as much.

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