Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cardiac Patient

 When mothers think of their children they always remember something like the picture above. 
Thats what I see in my mind when I think of my third child. Chunky hands, chubby face and sweet little smile. I loved those days, and I miss those days!
 In actuality, this is what she looks like.A beautiful young lady with a awesome personality, beautiful smile and multi-colored hair! (We never know what color her hair will be! )
When she went in for a surgical heart procedure a few months ago, all I saw was that sweet little baby of mine. It was so hard to see her being wheeled off with I.V. attached in a hospital bed.
She was disgnosed with SVT last year. Over the summer she was rushed via ambulance from her job at a local grocery store when her heart suddenly raced up to 200 beats a minute and wouldnt slow back down. After seeing her Cardiologist, he suggested the Ablation procedure and it was a cure! 

Two months later she has had no episodes of SVT and her Cardiologist has released her as a Cardiac patient! In the 1980s this procedure was a full open heart surgery! I am so thankful for the advances in medicine! They were able to go in through the groin and up to the heart to find the problem and correct it with lasers! 

We are so very thankful that the Ablation was a cure!

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