Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Everyone is talking about it

Everyone is talking about Robin Williams and suicide. Many say its a selfish act. I say that most of the time people have held on for their families and suffered a long time before they make such a sad choice. Its not "killing themselves" that they are thinking about, its ending the pain, the bottomless feeling that they cannot shake; its just wanting peace. You cant tell them to "snap out of it"  because they want nothing more, its just a cycle they cant break. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't condone it. Its just so sad for those left behind and even more sad to think of the pain that person was dealing with when they finally decided this was the only way to stop it. 

Depression, Bi Polar Disorder and suicide affect us all. Last year my youngest child took part in a dance/drama production to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention/awareness. That made me so very proud. It shouldn't take our favorite actor dying for us to be aware because I am certain that every person has someone close to them who has thought, attempted or knows someone who has committed suicide. 

Robin Williams was one of my most favorite actors. The first time I remember him was in Mork and Mindy. Man, I loved that show! He has made so many laugh. He has supported our troops, and has always seemed like such and all around good person. Its so unfortunate that he is gone and left loved ones behind who mourn his loss. I have been in tears myself over the last few days because after watching him in so many movies, TV shows etc.. you just feel like you know him. 

When the news stops talking about his death, please don't forget that countless others are suffering just as he did.

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