Monday, December 30, 2013

Harvesting Jewelry

 Here is my first harvest from a Jewelry In Candles purchase. It smells amazing! See that red foil pouch just under the wax? Thats where my necklace it!
 I chose the necklace for this candle. When the foil was showing I used tweezers to pull out the pouch and unwrap the foil.
 Next I had to get it out of the plastic pouch. Then I got to see my beautiful silver necklace!
 I love it, it was fun and makes my house smell so good!
 The best part is I don't have to always get a ring and wont risk getting ring that doesn't fit me.If I choose a ring, I can choose the ring size! I love the option of a necklace or earrings as well. Would you like to harvest jewelry from a candle? 
Then go to my website and find a scent you love, choose which piece of jewelry you want to order today!!!  This is definitely something fun to do on a cold winter's night! 

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