Monday, December 2, 2013

An empty chair on Thanksgiving

 We always have Thanksgiving at my mother-in-laws house. This year there was an empty chair.
My son's hat was there and I think he was there in spirit as my girls and I started giggling and couldn't stop!
 We talked about how we missed our Marine and even took turns wearing a hat he left behind.
 My mother in law wore a turkey mask that we got her as a Christmas gag gift last year.

For four days my husband worked on our floors in the living room. We have been walking on our floor like this for months and months. I tore out the carpet nearly a year ago and we just couldn't get things together to redo the floors until now. Ill post after pictures soon. 
Its a little harder when you live in a double wide mobile home as things aren't quite like a house but that's ok.... the floors are complete! 

Thanksgiving was good but would have been perfect if our Marine were home.

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