Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wildlife in your area

 Recently our small town newspaper asked for people to send in photos of the wildlife in their area captured by trail cams or digital cameras. These are a few that were put on the newspaper's facebook page. I must say, Ive heard of what wild animals are around us but seeing the photos is a little scary.

Above is an albino deer. We seem to have a lot of those. We had one in our yard awhile back but someone got it during deer season. Below is a coyote!
 There seem to be more and more bear sitings. A friend posted tonight that she saw a cub in her yard just a few hours ago. Ive seen them near the coast but never seen one in our area. However, others have seen them just miles from our home.
 Below is a bobcat. I haven't seen one in our area but have seen large footprints in the mud near our chicken coop. This photo was taken in our township so its likely that it has been in our yard and made those footprints!
Do you know what wildlife is living around you?

***I did not take the photos above they were posted on a facebook page of the Courier Times

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