Friday, September 13, 2013

Prayer, Changes and hot flavored coffee drinks

When someone asks for prayer it doesn't have to be a major catastrophe in their life. Maybe its something minor, maybe its an upcoming decision or change. It could be for a family members salvation or any number of things. When someone asks for prayer we don't need to know why just pray and never tell someone you will be praying if you aren't going to.


Our family is going through many changes right now. I started a new job in the Public School System which means getting paid once a month. Our Firefighter had oral surgery and moved out of our home. Our Future Doctor is wearing a heart monitor to make sure everything is ok. Our Marine will soon deploy and that is always tough on everyone. We face financial issues, health issues, and the worry over safety and salvation of family members. Our family is going through a lot and I greatly appreciate your prayers. 

Its the beginning of a new school year and we have to get back into routines. I love routines but when we get used to lazy summers its tough getting back on track. Our Future Doctor is looking at and applying for colleges. I'm so proud of her, so much so I feel my heart will burst at times. I feel that way about all of my children! I'm proud of Future Doctor but its sad to think about only having one child left at home. I think it will be hard on our Baby Girl also.


Our weather is changing. It feels like Autumn and that's my favorite time of year! 
I love pumpkins, scarecrows, hot cocoa and flavored coffee.

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