Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mamas and their babies

 We carry them for 9 months in our bodies. We feel them move, kick and hiccup.
We go through whatever it takes to bring these babies into the world.
We love you from the very beginning.
 We endure feedings every 2 hours day and night. We rock them, take care of them when they are sick, and love them more than they will ever imagine.
 We forgot ourselves and think mostly of them. I know all mothers are not the same. I was one who never wanted my babies out of my sight. I couldn't return to work because I couldn't bare to leave them. I worked from home to be close to them all day everyday. 

As they grew up I was never away from them for more than 2 days. By the time my older ones were in middle school I finally left them in the care of grandparents for weekends away with my husband. Only once did we leave them for a week and I left once for a week long mission trip.
 I was (and am) the kind of mother that takes pictures of every movement. I don't ever want to forget these moments. I made hand prints with them to remember every little crease. I smiled when I saw dirty hand prints on the windows and left them there purposely. 
I saved locks of hair and baby teeth. As they grow up now I still have a hard time letting them go. My son is married and a well trained Marine but when I hear his name or see his face I think of him as a baby or a toddler when he liked playing with my hair or reading books.
It doesn't matter how old they are I love them they way I loved them when they were infants sleeping on my chest. I love them the way I loved them when they were sick and I stayed up all night with worry. I love them the way I loved them when they gave me sloppy kisses and when they did wrong. 

I have seen some mothers who don't bat an eye at going back to work after their child is born or who are relieved when their children finally graduate high school and move out. There are all sorts of mothers but I am one who aches with sadness over not having my family all together. 

I know there is a time when they move on and start their own life but Ive lived for only them for so long. I don't think they will every know how much I love them until they have children of their own.  A mama will do anything to care for a protect her babies. 

I am reminded of  the video of the death of Jesus and how his mother, Mary, saw him as her baby when he walked with the cross on his back. I am not saying my children are Jesus or anything (haha) but it grabbed my heart because I know how I feel and how I see my adult son ... he's my baby. I love my babies more than anything.

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