Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rough few weeks

The past few weeks have been challenging to say the least. I scratched my eye while caring for my chickens! That took a week or two to heal completely. I had a stomach virus which made it nearly impossible to keep any food down for four days. Of course, once I could eat..... I wanted to eat everything in sight. I started feeling better last Friday afternoon but on Saturday I woke to a painful neck. That got worse and on day three I went to the doctor for x-rays. I had a very swollen muscle that was pressing on the nerve. I was given Prednisone. Ive never taken that before and I never want it again! 

On the second night of taking the steroids I had terrible reflux and began feeling as if the pills were stuck in my chest. I walked the house, drank water, nibbled on something, all in attempt to make the pills move or to feel some comfort. It didnt help. I started to worry as I remembered about a similar situation with a former coworker who felt this same way and she died in the night of a heart attack! I started itching all over and decided to get in the shower. I stood in the warm shower scratching and crying and holding my chest.It was terrible! Slowly it eased a little but I felt that lump (pain) in my chest for about 24 hours! I stopped taking the medication. On Friday i felt like I was starving all day and got way off my eating plan. 

Then I had to go to my sleep study. That wasnt fun. I have no issues falling asleep but the wires were uncomfortable and the knowing that there was a camera watching me and a nurse in the other room watching me all night just didnt make for easy sleep. 

Oh well......  Im praying that the next few weeks are far easier than my last few weeks! 

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