Monday, February 20, 2017

Goals and Life

Life continues to move on in a direction I never saw coming.  I am beginning to accept it and not feel so kicked in the stomach.  I am tired. Working two jobs just to stay afloat and to get through the summer isnt easy. Its something I never wanted to have to do but never the less, here I am. Exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.  

My almost grown children still worry me.  There is so much to worry about and yet I must trust myself. I must trust that I trained them and raised them to the best of my ability and they will make right choices.  

I used to think that when I was an adult that life would be so much easier but it is quite the opposite.  Its more difficult. 

Even though I struggle day to day with life, I am trying to get back in the game of weight loss. I still have a few more pounds that I need to lose. Something else to put my mind on. 


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