Monday, May 2, 2016

Sharing Clothes

Last year as I started my weight loss journey my daughter was getting rid of some clothes.
I took a few things and said, "Maybe one day Ill fit in these" 
Fast forward to now....  I was cleaning out my closet and saw those things I had taken from my daughter. I tried on this dress (a large) and it fit! 
Now it fits her way more lose than this did me but it fit, and was not too tight! 
Super excited! 
I dont feel fat anymore but I do not feel skinny or small. I still feel like a big girl, I guess I always will. I want to lose 25 more pounds. I also hope I can build up my clothing supply as I do not have enough pants to wear for a full work week! 
Ive gained a few pounds back (three to be exact) and Im trying to figure out what I need to do to break this stall Ive been in for the past month! 
For now, Ill enjoy the excitement over sharing clothes with my girls! 

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